eaMakeup X Candidly Keri

FINAL Pic.jpg
eaMakeup X Candidly Keri

The gorgeous face behind the blog Candidly Keri and I met in college. It was my sophomore year and we had pledged the same sorority. We became friends after our “Big Sisters” welcomed us in to the same “family”. We quickly hit it off and I immediately knew this girl in the worn out converse and I were going to be very good friends!

I am so lucky to be able to call her one of my best friends and I’m so lucky that she loves to blog about the same things that I’m passionate about! We’ve spent hours talking about makeup and Youtube Videos. I was so honored when she asked me to do a collab with her on Candidly Keri and eaMakeup!

The look that I’ve created on Keri is inspired by one of the paintings that I made and sent to her while I was living in Chicago. She had told me the color scheme in her new apartment and I ran with it. She had just moved in with her now fiance and was trying to make her Cincinnati fourth floor apartment, a home.

In Progress

The look that I created on her eyes is more of a dramatic look. I created this look using a combination of hers and my own favorite drugstore and high end products. It is definitely colorful but I think that it would be great as a base for a festival look. All I would do is add some glitter!

To find out some of our favorite products, head over to CandidlyKeri! And don’t forget to check out her instagram page! << @candidlykeri >>

On her eyes: NYX Cool Neutrals eye shadow : Morphe x Jaclyn Hill “Jaclyn’s Favorites” palette : LORAC Pro 2 palette

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