Fall in the City

PicMonkey Collage FINAL
“Fall in the City” – Chicago, IL

“Fall in the City” was inspired by the photo in the top left corner.
I had moved to Chicago in the spring of 2014. I didn’t know anyone beside my roommates who I’d met through a mutual friend who also lived with us. I was excited yet nervous  to have a new apartment and city to call home. I remember the photo of the front of the house my roommate sent me, it had light yellow siding, a worn red door and a beautiful blossoming tree in the front. I thought to myself, “This is a great place and we are going to have a great life here.” Spring came and went and then it was fall. My first fall in this new and exciting city. Fall has always been my favorite season and I couldn’t wait to see the changing of colors among the leaves on the trees that line the quaint Chicago neighborhood streets. Now, there aren’t many trees in Chicago, but the neighborhood behind our house was part of a school district and there was a park close by. I was walking home from the office supply store on my day off and decided to take the long way through the park.  My heart was so happy when the beaming rays of sun came through the trees and each leaf seemed to glow with its respective color of autumn. I snapped a picture and with that picture, I had hope and was optimistic that this was where I was meant to be. I was going to be happy here.

The painting that I created (top right) was painted with that fall color scheme in mind. This being my first post, I’ll explain my painting style. I LOVE texture. Anything I can do to bring the painting to life and make it have movement, I’ll include in my paintings. Most of my work is very abstract and like to use a mixture of mediums to really give it some depth and life. You can’t exactly tell from a photograph of a painting, but this one was created using wall plaster, acrylic paint and metallic ink.

Photographed below is the makeup look that I came up with to match the fall theme. This look was easy for me to create, seeing as how I love the golden/cranberry colors with a touch of the forest green. I love the look that I came up with this inspiration. If you want a closer look, click the “Photo” tab on the left. Enjoy!

On my eyes: the Morphe 35F pallet , Kiss Lashes , NYX Micro Brow in Brunette :: On my face: Graftobian Foundation Pallet in Warm , ABH Cream Contour Pallet , KVD Contour Pallet , Benefit blush in Rockateur :: On my lips: Beauty Bakery Lip Whip in Versailles

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